PLAYMAP™ is an app designed to help friends see each other more.
It is a planning tool that primarily helps friendship groups/clubs organise events, meetings and gatherings.
Project Type: Solo portfolio project
Project duration :
3 week sprint
Role: UX+UI Designer
Project goal: Expression of UX+UI skills for Portfolio
(this project is backed up by UX Research: more details can be provided upon enquiry)
Design a digital solution for organising events or gatherings for friends, clubs + organisations.
Project Timeline
Week 1:
Project Planning +User Research
Week 2:
Research Synthesis, Ideation, Low Fidelity Prototype creation + Usability Testing
Week 3: High Fidelity Prototype creation + Usability Testing

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To gain User Insights, I first conducted User Interviews to gauge the relevance of the project as well as some deeper insights into their current event planning/friendship group behaviours.
Here are some of the questions I asked users:
How do you currently organise events?
How have your experiences been with organising events?
How often do you currently attend events/gatherings?

What kind of activities do you and your friends do most?
What would you like to do more of?
What kind of places do you like going with your friends?
(IF: They don't go out with people often)
What are the reasons stopping you from hanging out with
friends more often?
What type of events would you plan out in advance?
How long does it take for you to organise events?
How often do you organise events?
These are some of the things users had to say
"I would like to meet up with friends more often"
"I meet up with friends at least once a month"
"I would like to plan bigger events more often with friends"
"Organising events is a nightmare"
"I prefer casual events"
"I find group chats get messy when organising group hangouts, but Facebook events seems too formal, so we end up not doing anything"
"It's tiring having to message everyone individually for a casual meetup"
"I use messaging apps like FB Messenger & WhatsApp to organise or find out about events in my friend-circle"
From the data that we have gathered and synthesised into our Main Insights, I compiled and distilled them into a Persona; This will help me find which direction the app should progress towards as well who exactly this app is for.
- To organise more casual events and gatherings with his friend-circle
- Organising within a group chat is messy
- Creating a Facebook Event seems too formal for casual meetups
- Creating event invites to be more casual + approachable

Using the primary persona's goals, challenges and needs, we can paint a problem statement, which boils our research down into a single pain point, which is:

To make event invites more approachable for casual meetups so that users can plan meetups more often.
In the ideation stage, I began with mapping out potential ways of interpreting the Problem Statement into "HOW MIGHT WE (solve this)" Statements.
↓ Here are 3 of them ↓
HMW make Event creation more approachable/suitable for
creating casual meetup invites?
HMW make Event invites less formal?
HMW make user's more comfortable creating invites for
casual events & meetups?
From here I ideated 8 ideas for each HMW Statement, here are the ideas that were most relevant for the project
For the purpose of this project (being to express my skills for my portfolio) I chose to go for a more dynamic solution instead of an MVP approach.
Shown below is one of the Lo-Fi Prototypes I tested + the insights gained
HOVER  TO VIEW USER FEEDBACK from Usability Testing.
↓ After usability testing each flow, I went ahead and developed a Hi-Fidelity Prototype ↓
PLAYMAP Hi-Fidelity Prototype
Assets sourced with permission:
Natty Patrol + OMA Event Posters: Bryan Law
iOS 15 Apple Top bar UI: Vlad Lucha
Message bubble UI:  Achar

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